Maarten Bax


Dutch sports journalist Maarten Bax is a specialist in the field of transgressive behavior in sports, and author of various bestselling books. His first book was the (authorized) biography of the Dutch twin brothers Frank and Ronald de Boer. It received a lot of publicity. After his biography of a hooligan – the first ever in Dutch history – he wrote a book triggered by the violent death of linesman in soccer, Richard Nieuwenhuizen. In 2014 Bax also published the authorized biography of the most debated sportsmen in the Netherlands, world champion kickboxing Badr Hari. Fascinated by the bad behavior of top international soccer players, Bax wrote ‘Sex, Drugs and Soccer’. As a journalist he had access to these top players. Interestingly, he discovered that they often have the same reasons for their questionable behavior, whether it was ultra right-wing political engagement, being overly aggressive or adulterous. Maarten Bax has been a presenter of numerous sports programs for years, and has lived in Spain, Brazil and America.