Let's go paleo (English)

Prijs 22.50
Maat24 x 19.5 cm
Aantal pagina's232
Auteur(s)Sandra van Schijndel
Ook verschenen alsPaperback

Sandra van Schijndel wrote this book based on her own experiences with paleo. After printing a few copies for the members of her gym it quickly became apparent that they and others were hungry for more information. She now gives regular talks on nutrition and the paleo principle in which she explains the ins and outs of adopting a healthy lifestyle. These talks also include cooking and tasting sessions that have proven extremely popular with both men and women. This book contains recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a 28-day program based on the paleo principle, along with detailed shopping lists and other relevant information. The author also provides advice on how to heighten self-awareness and live a healthier and happier life. Let’s go paleo! is not a book about dieting but one that offers a motivational perspective on healthy living. ‘When I first spotted a paleo book in my local bookstore a few years back, I wanted to buy it immediately. I didn’t really know why at first – the bookcase at home was already bursting at the seams with books on nutrition and exercise. I leafed through the book and, much to my dismay, all I saw was page after page of text…not one photo or splash of color, both of which I like to see used liberally in books on healthy living. After all, the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle and being able to lose a few pounds in the process is invariably accompanied by many ups and downs and repeated attempts at starting again, so even something as simple as a bit of color in whatever health book you are reading can help make you a little more optimistic and cheerful. My first reaction to paleo was: what am I supposed to eat?! No bread, grains, pasta, rice, potatoes, cheese or dairy (though cheese and milk are still a grey area)… this sounded like too tall an order! However, the more I read about paleo the more my opinion began to change. First of all I stopped calling it a diet, and secondly, and this was the best bit, I began to shift my focus from what I had to give up onto what I was allowed, which turned out to be quite a lot actually. This made life seem a whole lot brighter altogether.’