Secret Scouts and The Lost Leonardo

Prijs 19.95
Maat21 x 13,5 cm
Aantal pagina's320
Auteur(s)Kind Kind
Ook verschenen alsPaperback
Beschikbaarheidbinnenkort beschikbaar

When the four friends Tom, Lisa, Sohpie and Jack receive a strange sketch, their lives change abruptly. They start an investigation because they want to know where exactly the sketch came from. When they realise that they are on to a big secret, they end up in dangerous situations. They steal an old manuscript in Paris, they participate in an ancient game and have to  carry a body through Florence without getting caught. There is no time to lose. Risking their own lives they continue their search. Will they ever learn the truth about the biggest secret ever: ‘The Lost Leonardo’?

Hiding behind the name ‘Kind Kind’ is the Dutch writers’ couple Dennis and Wendel Kind. Their debut, the Young Adult novel ‘Secret Scouts and The Lost Leonardo’ was published in-house in 2013 and was immediately seen in numerous reviews as the Middle grade novel of the year. It received over a thousand favourable reviews in various newspapers and magazines, on TV, on websites and in blogs. For all those who have never read the first part, ‘Secret Scouts and The Lost Leonardo’ will be published in paperback with a competitive introductory price. In autumn the second book, ‘Secret Scouts and the Missing President’ will be published.

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